Sync with Connex to the Rescue…

What Our Software Will Do For You

Increase profits and save time. Eliminate costly, time-consuming data entry with automation. Prevent inaccurate accounting by connecting all ecommerce systems, apps, and sales channels to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Easily manage orders, eliminate oversells and missing items, update inventory, update shipping and tracking, manage sales tax, and so much more!

Set It and Forget It

No plugins, no software to download. Easily get started and set-up in minutes, then forget it.

Sales Tax Management

Manage tax with QuickBooks or Xero. Increase accuracy and eliminate mistakes by matching tax codes or adding tax as a line item.

Automatic, Free Upgrades

Our active, responsive development team deploys weekly software updates and new features. Always up to date and accurate. Never obsolete.

Manage Inventory

Use QuickBooks or your online store as your master inventory for your entire business. Eliminate inventory mistakes, oversells and missing items. Easily stay on top of stock, cost-of-goods-sold, and prices.

Sync Orders Automatically

No buttons to click, triggers to enable, flows to design, or apps to open. Our cloud-based software operates automatically, in the background – day or night.

U.S. Based Support

Support when you need it most. Our best-in-class support team is available when you need help the most.

Check Out Our Integrations


Sync QuickBooks inventory updates and Woocommerce orders. Easily sync partial refunds and full refunds.

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Sync shipped orders and add tracking details to QuickBooks. Easily create orders in QuickBooks, sync them to ShipStation, and update them with tracking details after they ship.

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Sync inventory updates, sales, and partial refunds. Create phone orders in QuickBooks and sync them to Shopify.

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Easily summarize the settlement report into one sales receipt or sync individual orders with Amazon fees. Send inventory updates to Amazon to prevent overselling. Works with Amazon in the U.S, Canada, and abroad.

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